In the Age of Aquarius

Who are we?

“I am hot hair. I am not skin.  I am the soul that lies within.” — Rumi

About every 2000 years Earth's planetary influences shift and are mathmatically calculated into a new astrological sign as we travel the Zodiac through time and space. 

First I heard “ Age of Aquarius”  was in the pop song that became an anthem of hope in the tumultuous times of the Sixties, when our discontent and protest fueled powerful change, accompanied by a profound spiritual revolution of simple living and high thinking -- A wake up call to the human heart for understanding that peace and harmony are a choice. 

The Aquarian Age expands awareness to release the past destructive solutions rooted in exploitation, hierarchy, patriarchy and fear to reclaim community, when “me” becomes “we,” and the question “to be or not to be,” is answered in the knowing  “I am.”   A cosmic gift allowing our light, not our darkness to define us.

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