Self Care in the Age of Aquarius

with Kundalini Yoga and Restorative Healing Arts

So happy you are here!  These intuitive yogic arts, such as Kundalini Yoga,  and Mantra meditation provide  vehicles of self empowerment and Self realization no matter where you may find yourself on your journey. 

 As we learn to navigate this flood of emerging energy in consciousness, we feel the subtle changes in our nervous and sensory systems, the increasing impact of information and technology, and the pressure to keep up, while the world gets smaller, compassion and understanding must grow larger.

As the left-overs from the Piscean Age clear, like the collective consciousnesss of  'not enough'  that sustains the lack of self worth and under-valuing of our time, just to survive, shifts and allows new ways of seeing, " a new pair of glasses" to see the brilliant abundance of our Universe and our own infinite prosperous possibility.

The Yogic Arts passed down through the Ages give us tools, a manual for healing the  human being and self care for the soul.  As energetic beings, we  learn to transmute, transform and manage the relationship between mind, body, and soul -- integrating to fulfill the Dharma (responsibility) of being a human, that is, seva, service.

  This golden age is described as a multidimensional gift in awareness that would create a world beyond our imagination, expectations, and understanding -- that world, where 'All You Need Is Love.'

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