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    with Saha Devi

    Believe In Your Own Mastery &

    Live Your Potential

  • Selected Kriyas & Gong Sound Baths 

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    We are in the Aquarian Age which promises a cosmic shift in consciousness - a call to human hearts for truth, love and compassion and we understand that peace and harmony are personal choices, and we can live and let live.


    I invite you to take a deep dive into our offerings and recover the innate super-powers within you to reach your potential and

    fulfill your destiny with a prosperous joyful heart-centered life.

    A gift only you can give yourself.


    ~ Something powerfully good and infinitely expansive breathes through you and lifts your life to its highest possibility. ~


    Saha Devi brings over 40 years of experience, education and dedication for the ancient yogic sciences and healing arts to every one of her classes, workshops and private sessions.  Her enthusiasm to share what she finds so healing is contagious.


    Saha is a Master of Fine Arts

     and KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher: 

    her inspiration and commitment come from a deep gratitude to her dedicated teachers, who brought these ancient teachings to life and relevant for today's uncertain transformational times.  


    Saha sources ancient yogic principles and practices identified as "an owner's manual for human beings" - technology to uncover and recover all you need to reach your highest good and destiny in this life. Together, we can fulfill the prosperous creative potential innate within each of us.

  • Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

    "When I am healed I am not healed alone." ~ Course in Miracles

    Kundalini Yoga and Meditation


    Kundalini is life force, our human magnetism and the key to a joyful prosperous heart. 


    This ancient technology awakens the clarity, 

    psychic abilities and innate super-powers that heal, restore and empower ourselves - even sensitive souls and empaths, who may be struggling. 

    We can build the nervous system to actualize

    our happy destiny.  


    Our KY practice combines pranayama,

     mudra, mantra, asana, kriyas and meditation -

     Our regular practice brings clarity, uncovers where we are holding ourselves back, 

     to feel empowered and up to any task!


    "We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music."


    Kundalini Rising

    When you feel better you do better!

    Pranayama is breath work that tunes up body, mind and spirit.

    • Expand your breath, expand your life. 

    • Heal dis-ease in body and mind to relax to receive.

    • Release the habitual over-thinking and destructive self-talk that blocks our innate joy. 


    Exercise Sets designed for specific health issues

     Vibes speak louder than words.  


    Currently all classes conducted Zoom.


    All Classes welcome to Beginners and Beyond.

     *** Please use your head-set or external speakers for Gong Shavasana ending each class.

    Kundalini Yoga & Prosperity 

    Meditation with Gong Shavasana

    Our practice builds Kundalini life force within your personal universe, raises your vibratory signature and expands your presence and  ability to manifest from the prosperous healthy heart  to live  happy, abundant  heart-centered lives. Kundalini Yoga has been my best health-care system.
    Shavasana Gong Bath Relaxation!


    4:30 - 6:00 pm PST


    One Class fee $15
    4 classes $52

    Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

    For beginners and beyond!
    Our practice builds Kundalini life force, raises your vibratory signature to expand your ability to manifest what you need and want, to live your healthy, happy, wealthy and wise heart-centered life.
    Shavasana Gong Bath Relaxation!



    9:00 - 10:15 am


    One Class fee $15
    4 classes $52

    Kundalini Yoga For Deep Relaxation & Gong Meditation

    Prana is medicine and pranayama distributes the medicine throughout the body and mind to nourish our awareness to experience ourselves fresh and feel empowered beyond expected limitation.  We focus on deep relaxation with breath-work to quiet the monkey mind,  release anxiety and the heaviness of stress.   
    Our practice includes a Warm Up, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra to deeply relax in the Restorative Gong to realign and recharge.


    5:30 - 6:30 pm PST


    One Class fee $15
    4 classes $52

    Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

    For beginners and beyond!
    Our yoga practice will focus on deep relaxation with breath- work that quiets the monkey mind and releases anxiety and stress that you may hold in your.  
    Our practice includes a warm up, pranayama, Yoga Nidra and Restorative Gong to deeply release, relax, realign and recharge.


    9:00 - 10:30 am


    One Class fee $15
    4 classes $52

    NOTE:  You may also pay by Venmo if you prefer for any of the classes.

    Venmo at sahadevi

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  • Restorative Healing Arts


    Soul Retrieval, Kundalini Yoga Therapy, Gong Sound Healing, Japa Mala Meditation, Hungry Heart Intuitive Eating

    The Soul Retrieval process calls forward your personal intuitive curriculum - the call of your heroic heart to leave the comfort of the ordinary world to follow your joy. 

    We expand our life force, raise our vibratory signature and manifest the energetic capacity to sustain the healthy, happy, prosperous life we desire.

    We, each, the star of your own movie, on a hero's journey to fulfill a destiny and highest good.  So as not run away, nor even turn our head away from the ugly, we see the opportunity to excavate the shadow energy,  navigate, and get out of our own way.  

    Soul Retrieval

    • This is a four week group course limited to 4 participants

    • Includes weekly private check in w/Saha.

    • Daily group emails.

    • Private group Soul Retrieval sessions. 

    • Your personalized issue- based program of journaling, yoga and meditation.

    Please contact Saha:

    Scholarships and sliding scales are available

    Learn more about this deep, heart-based journey - Click Here

    Kundalini Yoga Therapy

    “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” ~Albert Einstein

    Book a Series of 4 Sessions and take a giant step towards transformation and fulfilling your highest good. 

    Private Session - 60 mins

    4 Private Sessions - $222

    Some time ago, I had a frozen shoulder and a weak sacrum that regularly brought me to my knees. I’d wake up and go to bed with pain and depression every day before Kundalini Yoga Therapy showed up in my life. I was amazed that even though my practice was weak and irregular, I was still feeling better and better and no question, it was working for me.

    Kundalini Yoga Therapy engages with the energy maps in the physical body and subtle emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to alleviate the dis-ease, the root causes of anxiety, stress, chronic pain, depression, and addiction. It can clear the subconscious, where the old obsessive thinking, habits and belief systems live. With KYT the attitudes and energy of the past dissipate as you uncover a healthier, happier, more prosperous rendition of you.


    • Use a personal curriculum of yoga postures and sets called “kriyas” specifically selected to accelerate your healing process.

    • Develop mastery over the positive, negative and neutral minds to support you rather than deplete you.

    • Meditations to cleanse the subconscious of toxic memory loops and self-limiting patterns.

    • Mantras and affirmations to create healing and mental rejuvenation.

    • Pranayama to balance, purify and synchronize consciousness and induce transformation.

    • Visualization to develop your projection, electro-magnetic auric field and your ability for self-healing.

    Gong Sound Healing

    “Sound will be the the medicine of the future.” 

    ~Edgar Cayce


    The Ancients identity sound as the formative force of creation, triggering life, vital in structuring our reality,

     an organizing agent that has powerful healing potential. 


    Years ago I was diagnosed with PTSD and happy to finally know why I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin - I could not relax. Everything was urgent. I’d been practicing yoga and mantra meditation for years, but relaxing outside the yoga room was still nearly impossible for me.


     Our bodies hold everything that has ever happened to us in our cellular structure and vibrational frequencies - 

    your physical and subtle bodies, a frame for holding sound, 

    which responds to sound vibration for healing.


    Gong is known to be one of the most healing and sacred instruments on the planet. Its harmonics induce a yogic sleep in deep relaxation, where energetic cleansing can happen. It’s range of dimensional frequencies relax, heal, restore and raise your vibrational signature to feel renewed and up to the task to manifesting

     your dreams come true.

    Healing Effects:

    • alleviates anxiety

    • eases depression

    • helps process loss and grief

    • stimulate the Vagus Nerve, that regulates your body’s autonomic systems

    • clears your auric-energetic field and releases blockages that cause us to feel stuck, physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually.

    We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are the souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music. 

    ~ Albert Einstein

    Enjoy the deep relaxation of a Gong Bath and how 31 minutes of Gong’s healing harmonics work for you!

    Group Gong - available soon!

    Private 60 min Gong Sound Healing session - $88

    Japa Mala

    A Meditation With Mantras

    “We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos.... we are the souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music.” ~Einstein

    This beautiful Mantra private session practice is $15

    When I met A. C Bhaktivedanta Swami, the founder of the Hare Krishna community,  I was introduced to an entirely new way of living, a yogic lifestyle that placed high value on a daily mantra meditation practice. 


    The Ancients teach that chanting sacred mantras uncovers our innate intuitive knowing and spiritual powers. A wake up call to the soul, these transcendent vibrations clear away the smoky conditioning of the past to build the capacity for life force, greater clarity and deeper understanding.  


    Japa Mala is chanting Mantra on each of 108 sacred beads --- a meditation in sound, that identifies the Sacred, the Reality the Beautiful beyond our limited imagination and senses.

    The spiritual experience is subtle sublime and tangible.

    Ask Saha about a special group rate for 4 or more.


    Book a session and try this simple practice to see how it is for you! 

    Ask Saha about special group rate for 4 or more!

    Hungry Heart Intuitive Eating

      “I am not hair. I am not skin. I am the soul that lies within.


    "You are the universe in ecstatic motion. Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames"

    ~ Rumi


    The Ancients say, “what you are seeking is seeking you.” That all life is like pleasure- seeking missiles, with the capacity for fulfillment and joy, the very nature of the soul, weight, 21 grams.

    Then why do you feel empty, frozen, and depressed? Well, I learned that no matter what your head may tell you, the heart rules, and is best served by a heart-centered life.

    After struggling for years with unhealthy eating issues, I came to realize it was fear, not food, that awoke the beast within me, begging to be loved. The ego observes and protects the unseen troubling aspects of ourselves, powerful, and hiding in our unconscious and subconscious. The gift of Intuition has no fear and can guide whatever lives in the darkness to come conscious for healing back to harmony and mastery.


    Youll leave our sessions knowing:

    * How to support your intuitive relationship to eating.

    * How to support your heart-centered lifestyle with practical tools.

    * How to practice simple breath, yoga and meditation techniques to raise your energetic auric signature and claim your mastery.

    * How to eliminate mental and emotional clutter.

    * How to build spiritual strength to project healthy boundaries.

    * How to listen and recognize the intuitive voice from the voice of the false ego.

    * How to trust your intuition for guidance and flow.

    * How to love your emotions, open your heart to be your best friend.

    * How to cultivate self-love and share that love in service.


    Book an Online 60 minute Session with me - $50

    Small Group Session Rates on arrangement - Contact Saha

  • Book a free 30-minute Discovery Session With Saha Devi

    Learn more about her services, types of sessions & yoga classes!

  • Testimonials

    Saha’s classes are delightful

    I love her motherly healer guru giving insight and permission to visit those broken places needing to be released and healed. Me and my inner lil girl look forward to each class with curiosity. What treasures of healing will be revealed? Saha’s classes also helped me to breathe out the grief of deep trauma healing. My frozen shoulder is improving too.

    ~Denise Health and wellness coach Portland, OR

    Saha is a one of a kind force of nature

    She is as unique as her name! I have been taking her Kundalini yoga classes for about a year.. During this time, I have appreciated her unique blend of body, mind and spirituality in her teachings. Coming from a traditional background as a Speech & Language Pathologist, I have learned so much from Saha's classes which have involved chanting, singing, repetitive poses, meditation and breathing. Her open hearted and clearly articulated sharing has inspired me in each and every class. I am in awe of her boundless energy and positivity. She truly cares about each and every student. I hope to continue on this path of self discovery through her teachings.

    ~Chris S. Lyle, WA

    I love Saha's Kundalini Yoga Classes!

    She has great expertise, patience and wisdom. I have learnt so much about my breath and balancing my energy along with easy postures that have helped me enjoy a vibrant and healthy life.

    ~Serena Wright Taylor Vedic astrologer and Producer Los Angeles Ca.

    Saha’s classes rejuvenate me!

    Kundalini yoga has become part of my self care routine. When I miss a week of class, my body and spirit notice. The deep breathing practice has been amazing for me, letting go of past hurts and bringing in new energy.

    But this is more than just a class Saha is joyful, positive and uplifting to all of her students. Through her classes I have come to learn to love and accept myself, just where I’m at. I am so grateful to have found Saha and be able to learn from her! She is a gift of love, light and peace!

    ~Jen R. Adventure goddess & angel in duty Vancouver, WA

    Saha's classes, workshops and teachings are such a blessing

    Working in the medical field it is important to take care of myself, so I have the energy for others. Saha and all her teaching/offerings have been transformational. I was a skeptic at first trying a new Kundalini practice, now years later it has become a "must do" A nourishment for my soul on and off the mat.  I am reminded to breathe, and be present that my energy is clear and ignited, a very good reminder to take the care so I can be a light out in this big world.


    My absolute favorite is her Gong Bath Healings! it is the vibrational healing my body has needed and have noticed such a huge difference in myself with all of these practices working together. I am forever grateful to Saha and her beautiful teachings.

    ~Janice, Medical Assistant Vancouver , WA

    Taking Saha Devi’s class has changed my life

    I need to share this with all who will hear; Taking Saha Devi’s class has changed my life. Her course came at a time of need, I was dealing with some negative situations/people which left me dazed and confused. With a simple breathing technique and stretching I was able to release the stuck negative energies of the past trauma out of my body and my mind. It’s allowed me to take my power back –body-mind-and spirit. I look forward to each class as a life line, a place where I can learn the tools to take care of myself. Bless you Saha Devi for being YOU! That laugh of your brightens up my day, girl!

    ~ Diane D, Battle Ground, WA

    Kundalini yoga with Saha has brought me so much happiness,

    Kundalini yoga with Saha has brought me so much happiness, healing and nourishment for my body, mind, spirit and soul. It leaves me feeling empowered, inspired and uplifted, plus the care, kindness and warmth of Saha makes it unlike anything else. I feel lighter, beautiful, strong and radiant every day when I do yoga with Saha!"

    Miranda, UK


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