Returning to a Path of Self Discovery

Each day no matter what happened before or after, I felt depressed, frozen in fear of living.  I heard "Live and let live" but outside of my educational pursuits, nothing was working.  After I spent about 12 years in community ashram life, although wonderful and life-changing, I  felt different and unemployable in an unfamiliar world. Even with my years of education, I felt like an alien, yes, from another planet, waiting to phone home. My psyche was unwilling to conform and boundaries was a word not in my vocabulary. Yet somehow I managed to enthusiastically chase my dreams knowing to never give up. Disappointment and overwhelm, my constant companions brought me from tears to laughter while stumbling and trying to keep up. It was then I know now I faced my dark night of the soul and had no choice but return to my road of self discovery.  I was diagnosed a highly sensitive person with PTSD; my yoga and meditation practice was fundamental to my healing and my most powerful medicine.