Full Moon Gong Sound Healing in the Trees

Full Moon Gong Sound Healing in the Trees

So happy to celebrate our
Full Moon Gong Sound Healing in the Trees!
Love to see you!
Always Great company!
A gentle Kundalini Yoga warm-up!
A powerful Pranayama to help get us out of our own way.

Gong has been a therapeutic sacred instrument for thousands of years. Its symphonic harmonics capture the mind and can deliver the Alpha and Theta deep states of relaxation where healing happens.

You'll get to lie back in the lap of Mother Earth, beneath the trees and full moon's etheric sky, all perfect to breathe the tree's gift of oxygenated air and negative ions to listen, clear, and connect to ourselves and the gift of our innate intuitive knowing.

join us for a magical afternoon!
October 9, 2022
2:00 - 4:00 pm
Jenn's Place
Vancouver, WA

Please bring your yoga mat and any props to help you relax and a vegan treat to share if you like. Tea and vegan cookies.are provided.

Thank you! : )
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